Welcome to NIDM

If you are looking for online courses on Disaster Risk Management (DRM), you are at the right place! Welcome to e-learning platform of National Institute of Disaster Management under the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.

The institute is offering online courses on ten (10) different themes that aimed towards enhancing the level of disaster awareness and preparedness as well as analytical skills and professional competencies. The courses are designed specifically to cater the knowledge requirements of disaster management professionals, development practitioners and general people in India and other parts of the world.

The course pedagogy is designed in such a way that provides freedom from attending classroom sessions or appearing in the final examination for certification. Participants can enjoy the benefit of flexi-time and flexi-space facility in this interactive platform. One can access course activities even from remote locations by using the internet facility with computer system. The online Discussion Forum allows participants to share their views, experiences, documents, images, videos and related knowledge products. Participants can have options to receive Discussion Forum entries in their personal e-mail accounts.

Unlike classroom based pedagogy, there is no examination system in these courses. The successful completion of any course depends on certain parameters like completion of personal profiles, country profile, participation in the discussion forum, timely submission of assignments and end of the course projects etc. Course participants are evaluated and graded on the basis of their active involvement in each course activity.

There are two main categories of online courses being offered by the NIDM - Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework (CDRMF) and nine (9) thematic courses. The Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course is specially designed for all those who are interested in acquiring the fundamental knowledge on disaster management, mitigation, preparedness etc. The Thematic Courses are offered to those who have either completed the Comprehensive Natural Disaster Risk Management Framework Course or having thematic qualifications / experiences in their related domains.